Chris Garguena: Head Olympic Lifting Coach | CrossFit Coach

I have always been active in sports growing up. Throughout high school I played basketball until I suffered a devastating knee injury. I tried to continue in college as a walk-on at several junior colleges but my knee never felt the same. Fast forward 10 years later and I discover CrossFit through countless videos friends posting via MySpace and Facebook. Through CrossFit I have been able to become stronger and faster than I ever have been even in my prime. After a few months of CrossFitting and studying everything I could find during my first few months of self-learning and training, I decided to reach out to my first box (shout outs to CFSGV in the garage days!), get a coach, and really get a feel for what the community is about. I soon realized I wanted to help people on their CrossFit journey so I started to coach in 2013. A friend and myself started coaching out his garage gym and eventually I decided to coach out of my own garage gym. In 2014, I was able to help open another CrossFit Affiliate and operate it for the last year developing all the programming not just for CrossFit, but for the Olympic Lifting and Endurance Programs as well.